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What should matter to you. 

 No Contracts

I've always despised being cornered into a contract, If you don't like my work and results, you fire me!

$55.00 fee*for exterior treatment includes garage

Interior- an additional $10.00 

Price does not change regarding frequency of  treatments!


Call  for a quote regarding German cockroaches, fleas, ticks and Bed bugs.


Providing products & applications friendly to family & pets.

We just ask that you remove food & water bowls and keep pet's off treated areas till they dry. products bind to surface area as they dry. After drying, products are not absorbed into hands or paws! and if you have a fish tank, just cover it before you have an interior treatment.

The pesticide used annihilates every single pest known to Arizona, including bed bugs, scorpions, black widows, brown recluse, all spiders, cockroaches, crickets, ants, centipedes, fleas &  ticks.  for the complete list of bugs annihilated click here.

* If major infestation is present Annihilation reserves the right to re-quote.*






"What my customers are saying"


Jes miller, Verrado

I had Steve come out and spray my place after we came across several scorpions. He was on time, incredibly knowledgeable, and friendly. Its been a week since he sprayed and we have yet to see a single scorpion left alive!



Mariah Romero, Verrado

Wonderful service! Steve is super sweet! Arrived on time and answered all of our questions.


Pearl Say., Sundance

Did an awesome job! We are very satisfied.


Deanna Moffett, Meadows At Blue Horizons

Great communication and on time.


Marsha Hale, Meadows At Blue Horizons

Did a great job!


Johnny Gee, Sundance

Definitely recommend Steven Martin with annihilation pest control. He is here on nextdoor. Did my house, great guy. And good pricing and no contracts


Tom Dom, Windmill Village

Great service! Great timing Steve is a real personable guy. Highly recommended.


Magdalena Szkoda, Verrado

Thanks for your quick service when I spotted a scorpion 🦂! Bugs are now toes up! Dead!! Very professional.

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Thanks for your quick service when I spotted a scorpion!  Bugs are now toes up! Dead!! Very professional.

Magda Szkoda

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W Ridge Rd, Buckeye, AZ 85396, USA


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The Answers You Need regarding Onslaught


Onslaught is a broad spectrum pesticide that contains the active ingredient esfenvalerate, also referred to as S-fenvalerate.  While this main ingredient has been used in other types of pest control products, Onslaught provides a unique formulation that offers much greater residual control against the target insect pest.  This formula is has no odor, so it can be sprayed both indoors and outdoors.
Onslaught is unique due to the fact that it is micro-encapsulated.  This means the product can last much longer overall, which in turn provides much better control for a variety of insects.  Most pesticides in this category are classified as emulsifiable concentrates (EC), which provide up to thirty days of residual coverage indoors.  Onslaught typically lasts as much as two to three times longer when applied to control crawling pests indoors.
Because Onslaught is micro-encapsulated, it is also highly concentrated.  A mere one half ounce is needed per gallon of water to treat a wide variety of insects.  The recommended “clean out” rate is just one ounce per gallon of water, and is typically used for very high infestations or when spraying is needed for pests that are difficult to control.  Some of the most commonly treated pests with Onslaught include: cockroaches, fleas, ticks, termites, and spiders.
Toxicity of Onslaught
Although Onslaught is a very effective form of pest control, it does not come without its hazards, just like all other pesticides. Prior to drying which takes around 3 minutes outside and 20 minutes inside  This chemical is considered to be a moderate eye and skin irritant, and it is also harmful if absorbed through the skin.  It has been known to cause burning or tingling when in contact with skin.
Onslaught is harmful if swallowed, and some material can get into the lungs if ingested.  High levels of inhalation can cause moderate to severe respiratory and nasal irritation.  There are no known chronic effects of the use of this product, nor are there any known carcinogenic properties.  In order to minimize the potential of side effects, it is important to wear protective clothing, eye-wear that protects the eyes, and a full face shield while applying Onslaught.
Environmental hazard
Onslaught is considered to be highly toxic to fish and other forms of aquatic invertebrates.  This product should never be applied to water, and should never be applied where runoff could affect water.  Waste runoff should never be allowed to come into contact with waterways of any kind, especially lakes, streams, ponds, or oceans.  Waste runoff from the cleaning of equipment should also not be allowed to enter any type of sewer system without first notifying the local sewage treatment plant.


If you are spraying Onslaught Insecticide indoors, we would recommend not spraying when any animal is in the room.

Onslaught is safe to use in a home where children reside as long as the product label is followed and the children are out of the area while the product is applied and until it has dried. There are no extra precautions that need to be taken before re-entry.


The Onslaught Insecticide is labeled to be used as a fine particle broadcast spray on carpets, rugs and pet bedding for fleas. Once the product is dry it is safe to resume normal activities in that area and no additional steps would be needed other than the once a day vacuuming for the fleas treatment.

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